Sanctum Security

We apply bespoke processes, expertise, knowledge networks, and technology to protect projects and their teams. Traditional cyber security met with operational security for crypto projects.

Center of
Excellence approach

Developed as a Center of Excellence to support the UNION Protocol Foundation, everything we do is focused to secure and protect projects, teams, infrastructure, and data.  We look holistically at a project’s exposure to identify, measure, monitor, and report risks to the full range of a client’s user base and its team.

We assess and mitigate vulnerabilities and facilitate development of processes with supporting maturity models.  We start from first principles, but don’t re-invent things known to work.

Our Services

To overcome the view that strong operational and technology security are impediments to project success. We do this through a reasoned approach that maximizes the value of implementation against existing priorities, technical debt, team culture, and calculated exposure to risk.

For Crypto; By Crypto

Perimeter Control

Always Ready for Launch